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 I creatively help you expand your  the business opportunities you have. I don't give you fixed answers to your business situations. I look at your business with new eyes encouraging you to make changes to improve your business. I help you to make a big difference in what you do changing things one step at a time by thinking  "Outside the Box" in everything that you do.

Look  around the room you are now in. What do you see? Most of the products and services  listed on the right and below  were not available a few years ago until someone made up his mind that he was going to do something about some problem.  He had to develop something different and convince others that it was a good idea.  These inventors were rather bizarre when they were first introduced. Take a moment to click on several interesting items. It will take you to a page telling you a lot more about that invention.

If Abraham Lincoln came to live with you for a month, think of all the inventions listed on the right that we now have  have and use  that were not available in 1861 when he became President.  Think of the conversation you would have  reading the owners manual to Honest Abe so he would not know how to use them. Try to describe what each invention is for with out using any of the words  on the list because those items may have not been invented then.

Now is the time for you to use your ideas to make a difference. You can get your idea to move forward faster when you stand on the shoulders of giants.  Ask others around you to help you or you can call me at 713-467-3025. I can be inspiration to you to  bring your ideas to a new level. I guarantee we will make your business a  success. Compensation is not a big stumbling point.   The important thing we need to do at first is to start a conversation. It is your call.

Become pro-active with your ideas. Call me right now.
Brian Nelson
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Hello Again,

Now allow me to stand on my soap box.   Here are a few examples of the "off the wall" things to  think about. We need to try to solve these problems.  Getting people to think about change and "Thinking Outside the Box" is important. Call me with your comments on how you think we can solve one of  these problems.   

Brian Nelson


1. Cars should be built starting with a safety cage first and the engine and everything else put in after. We lose 40,000 Americans a year because we collide with each other. As a culture we have never been super serious about it. (We got temporarily serious about terrorism when we lost 3, 063 people on 9-11-01.)    We have to have new thinking using new technology like outside the car computer airbags. Cars are our number 1 cause of deaths among children. Also  remember that  1 car with today's current combustion engine  produces 2.7 billion cubic feet of poisonous air. 

2. This year we lost  over 8 million of acres  to forest fires. We need to develop an entire new way to put them out quickly. We need a totally new way of thinking about putting out  "out of control" forest fires. 

3. The stock market should be illegal as we know it today. "Enronitis" is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch the 6pm news. It is Legalized Gambling against a house with inside tracks.   Today,  to be a good investor,  you are supposed to hire someone who knows about all the companies in the USA and knows everything you need to know about that company.  It just doesn't happen.

4. Most investors and advisors have no idea what they are doing. Just ask someone? Who do you trust? Investors have to learn to develop new ways to have control on their investments. If someone tells you they have a good place to invest your money, ask  about the risk that you are taking. Ask about why they sincerely believe that where they are about to invest your money is the very best thing for you. Is your broker investing his money in the same place he is putting your money?

5. Churches usually do not operate based on the mission God directed us to in the Bible. There are churches that look good on the outside but lack a really fundamental biblical mission. Consider being a purpose driven church.

6. Fighting terrorism has to start with an educational  war against the thinking pattern of the terrorist. A few well placed bombs are not going to make the terrorists come out of the tunnels with their hands up.A few terrorist acts at strategic location can terrorize the American public and put a very large crimp on our very  fragile economy. 

7. We have 14% of  high school students who drop out and never finish their education.  We don't have a clue why it is occurring and have no plans to  change it. How about zero drop outs?

8. Internet Viruses can shut down our economy and we are not worried about it. Significant money has to be spent to control, monitor and filter the internet communication  before it  paralyzes our entire economic structure. How many people are in jail for starting an internet virus. Please send me their name.

9. We have  almost 2 million people in prison.  At the middle of last year, prisons and jails held 1,860,520 adults. This is a 400 percent increase in the last 20 years. Something is wrong with our societal structure. 1 out of 147 Americans is in prison. Its costs us 41billion year.   We don't know why they are there. Sure, they made a mistake but when they committed their crime. They thought it was the best thing to do at that moment.  How did they develop that crazy thinking process? Crime has to  be attacked with mind changing education.

10. The war on drugs has to start with significant in depth attitude research. We are not  even close to determining why drug buyers buy drugs. It is our society which we have to change.  1 out of 3 people responsible for an auto accident showed up positive when tested for drugs.

11. Most surveys are useless. They simply don't ask "What is wrong?" or "What is right?"They just ask a lot of questions to make it look professional.

12. Nothing should be destroyed. Everything can be recycled. We expensively drown in our own garbage. 

13. Our education system does not teach students how to critically analyze his  situation at the moment. We teach them to pass tests.

14   Allowing 2 large steel ships running into each other at a slow speed with today's GPS and radar technology is ridiculous.

15. There is a reason why you are sick. Doctors know very little what is really wrong with you just by looking at you. They can not remember a fraction of what a computer can.  In the future we will be using computers  with interactive questions to determine the cause of your medical problem. The doctors will guide
 you  and help interpret  the findings.

16. With GPS technology car theft will be a thing of the past. 

17. Sending out half empty airplanes is a total waste. Billions of dollars of precious fuel is wasted.  Millions of people want to go for a very inexpensive trip. How about zero empty seats. Someday  someone will realize that if we fill the airplane seats some airlines would not have to go into bankruptcy.

Deadheading of empty tractor trailer  trucks is another total waste. Truckers  are getting better  at balancing their wasted space. Profit will lead them to use current technology to make money.

 19. Renewable energy like solar,  wind, and bio mass power are not  just an option. They are necessary. It will just take a little more research funded by the government. No one else can justify the expense. We have no plan to attack this as a major  problem.   airbrush tanning kit airbrush tanning kit   Call me about our free speakers bureau on this subject.

20.  So why do you have so many dentists? Dental decay for the most part can be prevented. Just  ask your dentist.

21. Complete retirement to doing nothing will kill you earlier than if you were continuing to be productive at something. Work is normal and a part of life. New statistics are available on keeping the body and the mind  actively exercised.

22. Paying people to not work is a total waste of manpower.

23. Harboring criminals in prison doing nothing all day long with out aiding the GNP is a waste of talent. Most criminals have some very good skills like everyone else. Unfortunately, like everyone else, the prisoner did  whatever he did to get him into cell  because it  seemed to him to  be a good idea at the time. The ability to think clearly and logically  has not been taught  at the level where a child can reach is maximum potential.

Suicide, for the most part, can be prevented.  We just don't seem to put a very great priority on trying to understand depression. We are almost afraid to talk about it as it might become a self fulfilling prophecy. Our society is oriented toward achievement and success  so that we judge ourselves on a false sense of values.

25. Paying farmers to NOT grow things is a waste of available resources when there are people starving around the world. In time this will change and we will wonder why we didn't feed the starving people before.

26. Like it or not, we are a 1 world economy. We have to realize that we don't want to be and we are not an isolated society. We are intermingled with the world and isolationism is no longer possible. 

27.  Americans are overweight. Nearly one-third of adults, 59 million people, are
considered obese. Moreover, close to two-thirds of adults are either obese or significantly overweight.
. We pay significantly for this excessive weight  in health risks including diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart disease, certain cancers, stroke and arthritis.

There are  40,000,000 people that would have grown up as Americans but they are not here today because of an abortion.  In addition we don't have a plan to have enough working Americans to pay for the aging society's social security costs. So where does that put our economy in the years to come?

For internet surfing fun  with an opportunity to learn a lot, click below  on  any subject that is underlined. It should be hyperlinked to a full page on the subject. These are inventions from  1850 to 1975.  See how others  have taken an idea and turned it into something most valuable.

(SINCE 1854)

Sewing frozen yogurt franchises,
.lsat prep,
fiber optics.manhattan rentals,
atmos optimus
Pullman Sleeping Car, frozen yogurt franchises
internal combustion engine.
cylinder lock
machine gun.
tin can,
air brakes,
tungsten steel.
traffic lights,
metal windmill
mail-order catalog
barbed wire.
shoe welt sticher,

internal combustion engine.
carpet sweeper.
cylinder phonograph,
moving pictures
toilet paper,
metal detector.
automatic player piano
fountain pen.
cash register.
steam turbine.
machine gun.
automobile ,
contact lenses.
drinking straws.
pneumatic tire.
Cordite Gunpowder,
diesel-fueled internal combustion engine.vacuum flask.

oller coaster.
vacuum cleaner.
safety razor.
radio receiver,
vacuum cleaner.
air conditioner,
neon light
lie detector,
Teddy Bear
neon light,
crayons ,
windshield wipers,
windshield wipers,

ductile tungsten ,
Teabags ,
vacuum diode ,
E =mc2,

sonar electronic,
amplifying tube

Color photography,
piloted helicopter
Model T,
geiger counter
Instant coffee,
talking motion picture,
neon light,
ignition system
Life Savers,
crossword puzzle,
gas mask.
stainless steel

radio circuit
fortune cookies.
pop-up toaster,
1919, Short-wave radio,
arc welder,
tommy gun,
lie detector
3-D movie,
traffic signal,
iconoscope ,
self winding watch,
frozen food
dynamic loudspeaker,
spiral bindings,
mechanical television
liquid-fueled rockets,
PEZ candy.
quartz crystal watch.
TV system,
aerosol can.
quartz clock
iron lung.
Bubble gum
electric shaver.,
car radio.,
1929 Scotch tape
frozen food,
jet engine,
electron microscope,
Polaroid photography ,
parking meter
1932,radio telescope.
zoom lens,
light meter,
radio telescope,
Frequency modulation (FM radio),
Stereo records,
drive-in movie theater
cat eyes,

first magnetic recording.
silly putty.
kidney dialysis machine,
Synthetic cortisone ,
atomic bomb,
microwave oven, holography.,
Mobile phones ,

Velcro ® ,
Wurlitzer jukebox.,
Cake mix,
credit card ,

1950 Super glue,
Power steering, videotape recorder,
Mr. Potato Head ,
bar code,
diet soft drink,
hydrogen bomb,
Radial tires
black box - flight recorder.
Transistor radio,
Oral contraceptives,
nonstick pan,
solar cell,

Optic fiber ,
computer hard disk,
Tetracycline ,

1955 Optic fiber , hovercraft,
Liquid Paper
Fortran (computer language) ,
Hula Hoop,
integrated circuit internal pacemaker,
Barbie Doll

1960 halogen lamp Valium,
nondairy creamer,
audio cassette,
fiber-tip pen,
First computer video game,
Acrylic paint,
Permanent-press fabric BASIC (an early computer language)
Astroturf ,
contact lenses
NutraSweet,compact disk,Kevlar
1966 Electronic Fuel injection
handheld calculator, computer mouse, computer with integrated circuits,
RAM (random access memory).
canned beer,

voice recognition machine,
Colt revolver.
jet engine,
ballpoint pen,
Strobe lighting ,
freeze-dried coffee, helicopter.
electron microscope,
orgone accumulator.
computer controlled by software.
spray cans ,
neutronic reactor.
electronic digital
turboprop engine.
Synthetic rubber ,
1969 arpanet (first internet)
artificial heart, ATM,bar-code scanner,
daisy-wheel printer
floppy disk,
dot-matrix printer,
food processor,
liquid-crystal display (LCD),
Hacky Sack®,
Gene splicing,
ethernet (local computer network),
disposable lighter.
post-it note,
laser printer,
push-through tab
on a drink can,
 ink-jet printer invented
Magnetic resonance imaging
VisiCalc spreadsheet
artificial heart

Cellular phones
Cray supercomputer

roller blades.
hepatitis-B vaccine,
scanning tunneling microscope

Human growth hormone genetically engineered,
Apple Lisa,
Soft bifocal contact lens,
Cabbage Patch Kids

push-through tab
on a drink can,
 ink-jet printer invented
Magnetic resonance imaging
VisiCalc spreadsheet
artificial heart

Cellular phones
Cray supercomputer

roller blades.
hepatitis-B vaccine,
scanning tunneling microscope

Human growth hormone genetically engineered,
Apple Lisa,
Soft bifocal contact lens,
Cabbage Patch Kids

Apple Macintosh.
Windows program

Synthetic skin
disposable camera.
video game

Disposable contact lenses
Digital cellular phones.
RU-486 (abortion pill),
Doppler radar.
genetically engineered
Indiglo ® nightlight.
High-definition television
World Wide Web/Internet protocol
answering machine.
smart pill'
1993 pentium
processor invented,
HIV protease inhibitor,
Java computer language,
Web TV,
gas-powered fuel cell.

1984 CD-ROM
Apple Macintosh.
Windows program

Synthetic skin
disposable camera.
video game

Disposable contact lenses
Digital cellular phones.
RU-486 (abortion pill),
Doppler radar.
genetically engineered
Indiglo ® nightlight.
High-definition television
World Wide Web/Internet protocol
answering machine.
smart pill'
1993 pentium
processor invented,
HIV protease inhibitor,
Java computer language,
Web TV,
gas-powered fuel cell.


2003Optical Camouflage System.
Toyota's Hybrid Car,
Ice Bike ,
robotic cat,
The Roving Robo Raptor,
Salmon Skin Leather
Luminex a glowing fabric
Java Log Fireplace Log.
Infrared Fever Screening System ,
No-Contact Jacket

Adidas 1  thinking shoes,
Translucent Concrete,
Ka-on or Flower Sound
Intel Express Chipsets,
2002 Braille Glove, Phone tooth,
Nano-tex - nanotechnology wearable fabrics,
Birth control patch,
Foveon Camera Chip,
Date Rape Drug Spotter.
Solar Tower,
Virtual keyboard,

1999 Tekno Bubbles
1000 Mystery of
Transformer fluid from vegetable oils,
FluidSense infusion pump,

Raptor -Rapid Cutter of Concrete,
Activa Tremor Control Therapy
Deep Brain Stiumulation,
Nomasd Retinal Scanning Display ,
Phone IN Checkups.
Digiatl Angel Transmitter
2001 AbioCor Artifical Heart.
Nuvaring birth control
Fuel cell bike
Self-cleaning windows
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